No Dream is Unachieveable.

Continue fighting everyday. Life is not a walk in the park. Fight for what you know you deserve, but respect those who know you well enough to tell you when you deserve better than you think you do. Tongue twister? I told you life was hard. Keep fighting. Fight because you deserve it!

“There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.”

—   Ernest Hemingway (via fictionwritingtips)

(via thewritingcafe)

Sometimes I worry that I’m not doing the best thing for myself. … That’s not enough. 


Today, I’ll re-evaluate what’s true.
Re-construct the past,
But immerse myself in the present.
Nothing will kill me,
But my own free-will.

Everything has a beginning. As well as an end. The dreams don’t end. The abstract does not share the same rules as the concrete.

You dream; you create, but what more is left? You cherish what you claim is worthy, but don’t think of that which is truly worth reclaiming.

Train talk.

Your beauty defeats me. It triggers the heat inside that crashes and burns the best of my being. What kind of effect is this? I’ll leave u to guess. Don’t distress. Remember the truth in my words. Nothing is real. Nothing is frame. Nothing is carefree as much as your world. That beauty creates insanity. Translates into mesh… the best of the best.

You dream and create. Fantasize is ablaze. The dream of the dream… These dreams are not flawed. We say we don’t know. We say this is true. Not always, it’s not. We think we’re not real. We think this is fame. We aim for the claim. No way do we know; do we?

My words traumatize my soul.



The intricacies behind the truth.